Thanks to the efforts of Councillor Angela Elkin, an active Neighbourhood Watch scheme is now up and running in Milwich and surrounding areas. Angela, who is the local co-ordinator of the scheme, has delivered letters to every household in the parish. For the scheme to be effective, it is important that as many people as possible join.

To join the scheme, please contact Councillor Elkin or email to

How does the scheme work?

The scheme is simple, everyone who joins will receive information (by e-mail, text or telephone/fax depending on which you select) of any suspicious activities in and around the Parish. For example, last week two men were seen stealing batteries in Sandon. The details of the van they used were circulated and members asked to watch out for any sightings of this vehicle.

The only thing  members are asked to do is be a caring neighbour and be a little more security conscious by reporting any suspicious activity to the police immediately. Any suspicious behaviour that members note can easily be reported to the Police and this information will be circulated by the Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator (Ash Connor) via your chosen notification method.

So please join the scheme by returning your form, the more members we have, the greater the chance of eliminating crime in Milwich!

As well as the obvious benefits of being a member and being informed of suspicious activities in the Parish, most insurance companies will offer a discount (usually 5-10%) to members of an active Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

If you have any questions or need more information please

Note: The re-introduction of the Neighbourhood Watch scheme was an action listed within the Parish Plan and which the Parish Council undertook to implement.