Milwich Action Committee

At the end of 2008 it was considered that a collective vision for the future management and development of our parish was required. As a result, the Milwich Action Committee (MAC) was formed with the objective of producing a Milwich Parish Plan. Every household was notified of the plan and additional volunteers were invited. The Parish Council (PC) was represented on the MAC by two Councillors. Funding was obtained from a number of sources, especially the Big Lottery Fund “Awards for All”’

With the help of the Community Council of Staffordshire, questionnaires were developed to obtain the views of everyone within the parish. In summer 2009 MAC members personally delivered the survey to every household. Two questionnaires were delivered: one for the household and one to be completed by each person 16 or over, the Individual Survey.

At the time,160 occupied properties received the survey documents, questionnaires were collected from 126 households, an excellent 79% return. A total of 238 Individual surveys were returned corresponding to 92% of the notified population.

The results were analysed and the comments correlated. These were then reviewed and verified and a summary produced.

In November 2009 a public Open Morning was held; the summary results were presented and additional feedback requested. This meeting was well attended and included support from District and County Councillors, Doug Davis and Ian Parry. A number of additional residents volunteered to assist with further stages of the analysis work leading to the production of the Parish Plan.

Subsequently, a number of topic workgroups were established, each produced a report. These were amalgamated into a document for the Parish Council to reference when discussing the future of the parish.

This Parish Plan is a summary of the above mentioned documents. Ownership of the Plan rests with the Parish Council; they have adopted the Plan and have overall responsibility for its implementation. It is expected that additional working groups will be formed to progress aspects of the Plan. The Milwich Action Committee will continue in the short term to assist with some of these actions

Parish Plan Documents

The following documents have been produced during the process of preparing the Parish Plan:

Why have a Parish Plan

Survey Statistics

Parish Survey – Household Questionnaire Results

Parish Survey – Individual Questionnaire Results

Consolidated Report to Parish Council

Parish Plan

List of Actions

Minutes of Final Meeting of MAC 11th October 2016